Trail Mix – November 2015

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Featured this month is a premiere of “Hear the Bang” from long departed songwriter Denny Lile.

Even the brightest light can be lost in shadow.

Perhaps the most poignant story in all of the artists featured on this month’s Trail Mix is that of Denny Lile. A rising songwriting star from Louisville, Kentucky, Lile’s music and, ultimately, his life, fell victim to substance abuse. Lile died in 1995 at the age of 44 due to complications from alcoholism, joining Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Graham Parsons in the ranks of musicians gone well before their time.

Hear The Bang: The Life and Music of Denny Lile was released last month, finally shedding long deserved light on a man and his music and absolutely justifying Lile’s comparisons to the likes of Townes van Zandt, Kris Kristofferson, and Vic Chesnutt. Recorded in 1971, the songs on this record have been shelved for over forty years. We can thank the folks at Big Legal Mess Records for finally bringing this collection to the light of day.

Trail Mix is happy to premiere the title track, “Hear The Bang,” on this month’s mix.

Also featured this month are brand new tracks from Israel Nash, Carlos Timon, Granville Automatic, Joanne Rand, Sun Club, Violent Mae, McClain Sullivan, The Pollies, and Red Moon Road.

For our fans of jazz, please check out “Reflections,” a Thelonious Monk tune aptly reinterpreted by Terry Adams of NRBQ.

And we are just getting started! More goodness awaits with tunes from The Harrow, Elephant Stone, Sarah Clanton, Stephen Young & The Union, and the Kathy Kallick Band.

Stay tuned to the Trail Mix blog. On tap this month are chats with Andy Hackbarth, Peter Cooper, Annabelle’s Curse, and The Nouveaux Honkies.

And, of course, make sure you get out and support the artists who have given their music to Trail Mix this month. Tell a friend, buy a ticket, or grab a record or two.

  1. Hear the Bang Denny Lile 2:55
  2. Lost The Pollies 3:56
  3. Lovedrunk Desperados Annabelle's Curse 4:05
  4. Reflections Terry Adams 5:09
  5. Rose Mary y Yo Carlos Timón 2:29
  6. Lately I've Rescued a Rose Stephen Young & The Union 5:43
  7. Steal You Away Andy Hackbarth 3:07
  8. Sweet Carolina Sarah Clanton 3:26
  9. Words Of The Walls Red Moon Road 3:24
  10. Carnival Jim & Jean Peter Cooper 4:27
  11. Woodstock Joanne Rand 5:09
  12. Whiskey's Gettin' Harder To Drink The Nouveaux Honkies 3:24
  13. My Montana Home Kathy Kallick Band 3:54
  14. Lanterns At Horseshoe Ridge Granville Automatic 3:58
  15. Lavendula Israel Nash 4:30
  16. The Devil's Shelter Elephant Stone 4:44
  17. In My Ring Violent Mae 3:26
  18. Love Like Shadows The Harrow 3:44
  19. My Bad McClain Sullivan 3:24
  20. Tropicoller Lease Sun Club 3:19


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