Trail Mix | October 2017

The folks doing right by country music today do so by tuning in to the echoes of yesteryear.

Vintage country sounds have made a comeback in recent years, and Whitney Rose, an Austin, Texas based songstress, is a leading female voice in the movement. Her brand new record, Rule 62, drops this week, and it resonates with old country twang. Rose is dusty dance hall two steppin’ instead of modern country bling and glitz, and her songs fall easy on the ears. Get your Texas boogie on with “Can’t Stop Shakin'” on this month’s mix.

Christian Lopez is another artist doing country right these days. Blessed with a crooner’s voice and devilish good looks, Lopez writes songs that hearken back to younger years spent listening to the likes of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Waylon Jennings.  Lopez found inspiration in his International Harvester Scout in the song “1972,” from the brand new record Red Arrow, which we feature this month.

From time to time, an artist pops back on to the radar after a long time away and the thought arises that, yeah, I used to dig what this guy does. Such was this case recently with Chris Barron, former front man of 90s pop hit makers The Spin Doctors. Barron returns with a solo record this month, Angels and One Armed Jugglers, and the mix is excited to feature the tune “April & May” this month.

This month’s mix also features the return of some spectacular songwriters, including Gill Landry, Lydia Loveless, and J.D. McPherson, as well as a new track from long time favorites Turnpike Troubadours. Trail Mix is always happy to welcome back old friends.

Brand new tracks from Ranky Tanky, Max Gomez, Silver Torches, Ragged Union, Lost Bayou Ramblers, Swimming Bell, The Alternate Routes, Bob Bradshaw, Ryan Koenig, Monocle Band, Misner & Smith, and This Pale Fire await your perusal.

And please tune in to the Trail Mix blog this month. Chats with Billy Strings, Flat Duo Jets, and King Cardinal are all on tap.

Download and stream this month’s mix. Take it on your next outdoor adventure. Tell a friend or a stranger, and then get out there and grab some records or concert tickets. Give back to these outstanding musicians who give freely to us.

  1. Granny Smith Lost Bayou Ramblers 4:24
  2. 1972 Christian Lopez 4:09
  3. Sundress The Alternate Routes 3:55
  4. Gasoline King Cardinal 3:10
  5. Leaving Louisville Ragged Union 3:59
  6. Ranky Tanky Ranky Tanky 2:16
  7. This Old Main Drag Is About To Drag Me Down Ryan Koenig 3:07
  8. Northern Lights This Pale Fire 4:27
  9. Make it Me Max Gomez 3:32
  10. Can't Stop Shakin' Whitney Rose 4:21
  11. Denver Girls Gill Landry 4:09
  12. Lora Lee The Monocle Band 3:53
  13. Workin On My Protest Song Bob Bradshaw 3:53
  14. LUCKY PENNY JD McPherson 3:34
  15. Let It Be A Dream Silver Torches 3:40
  16. The Housefire Turnpike Troubadours 3:40
  17. Ealing Common Swimming Bell 3:28
  18. Turmoil & Tinfoil Billy Strings 6:23
  19. It Makes No Difference (The Band) Misner And Smith 6:13
  20. Falling Out Of Love Lydia Loveless 2:45
  21. April and May Chris Barron 2:37
  22. Pink Gardenia Flat Duo Jets 1:32


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