The Apache Relay plays at The Grey Eagle in Asheville on Saturday, March 28th.

Unload the van. Play the show. Load the van. Hit the road.


Life on the road for a band can be an exhausting undertaking. From the long miles on the highway to sleeping in the van or on couches to the late nights and early mornings, touring has broken many a musician.

But if you and your band survive the grind and find that, yes, folks are coming to see you that second time back through town, you just might be on to something.

The Apache Relay are definitely on to something. Since coming together in a college dorm room six years ago, The Apache Relay have been on the road continuously, sharing bills with Mumford & Sons and appearing at festivals like Bonnaroo, Newport Folk Festival, and Firefly Music Festival.

Having spent much of the last year touring in support of their most recent release, Apache Relay, the band is now in the midst of a significant headlining tour.

The Apache Relay – along with some good friends of mine, Folk Soul Revival – will play at The Grey Eagle this Saturday night.

I recently caught up with multi-instrumentalist Brett Moore, of The Apache Relay, to chat about life on the road.

BRO – Must-have item in the green room?

BM – I am a simple man – water and coffee. Hydration and caffeination, and particularly if there is a hot pot of coffee right when we get to the venue. Rare, but always appreciated.

BRO – More difficult — playing for ten people or ten thousand people?

BM – Definitely ten people. There’s so much more self-awareness in an empty room and the dead silence between songs can be awkward. Playing to bigger crowds holds its challenges, but it’s a little easier to hide behind.

BRO – Which member of the band is the best on the road deejay?

BM – That’s somewhat of a draw, seeing as after all these years we still don’t have an auxiliary input in our van. We’re usually at the mercy of whatever random discs are in the van. If I had a dollar for every time we’ve listened to Led Zeppelin’s Greatest Hits, we could probably afford to get that aux input installed.

BRO – Festival that you played as a band that you really enjoyed as a fan?

BM – Newport Folk Festival, without a doubt. For my tastes in music and concert going in general, Newport just really hits the nail on the head. It’s the perfect convergence of amazing artists, beautiful scenery, and just the right size. I think we’re all desperate to get back there as festival goers.

BRO – Favorite room to play?

BM – There are so many. We’ve had the honor of playing the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville once, and I think we all said that it was our most enjoyable time in a venue. It just sounds so great in there from both audience and performer perspectives.

BRO – On the road guilty pleasure food?

BM – Not so much a “guilty” pleasure, but in the winter it’s all about curries for me and, in general, Thai food.

BRO – Most interesting item ever thrown on stage?

BM – I’ll plead the fifth on that one.

The Grey Eagle will open its doors at 8 P.M. on March, 28th, for The Apache Relay and special guest Folk Soul Revival and Trail Mix would like to see you at the show. All you have to do is take a shot at the trivia question down below. Email your answer to me at A winner of two passes to the show will be selected from all of the correct responses received by 5:00 P.M. tomorrow (Thursday).

Good luck . . . .

Question . . . The Apache Relay was formed on the grounds on what Tennessee university?

And remember . . . don’t post answers in the comment section. That just isn’t fun for anyone.