Trail Mix – On The Road With Papadosio & Ticket Giveaway!

Fans of trippy, groove laden dance rock take notice. The mountains outside of Asheville should be your destination this weekend.

On Saturday, Asheville’s own Papadosio will be rolling into Pisgah Brewing Company with guests Toubab Krewe and Natural Born Leaders. Pink Mercury and The Snozzberries wil continue the evening into the wee hours of the morning with a couple of late night sets.

This looks like a heck of a day of music and we just might be hooking someone up out there with a pair of tickets.

Papadosio has been touring hard since the fall after releasing their latest record, Content Coma. The band heads home this weekend riding a full head of steam after a huge show at Colorado’s legendary Red Rocks earlier this month.

I recently caught up with keyboard player Billy Brouse to chat about life on the road with Papadosio.

BRO – Best late night soundtrack for the van?

BB – Squarepusher is great for late night listening. And I like Dorian Concept, too. Usually it’s some crazy weird electronica, but I have been known to put on a sea shanty every once in a while, just to start things up.

BRO – Secret to making those long van rides pass faster?

BB – Definitely edibles. And podcasts help, too.

BRO – Just for giggles, give me three items you’d like to put on a rider, just to see if you could get them.

BB – One I have already put on a rider is Nerf guns. We’ve gotten them a couple times and it’s really fun. I’d also like to put Sour Patch Kids back on the rider. If anyone’s reading this, please. I really like Sour Patch Kids. I’d also like to put $300 on the there, just for me, just to to see if we could get that.

BRO – One thing you don’t hit the road without?

BB – That $300 from the aforementioned rider! For real, though, I never go anywhere without my computer and my backpack. It has my whole life in it, basically.

BRO – One thing you never want to hear the sound engineer say?

BB – “What?” Because that’s a problem.

BRO – Ever had a night where you Felt like it all went wrong? How’d you make it through?

BB – I don’t think we’ve ever had one where everything went wrong, but there have definitely been off nights. You just have to keep playing and remember that you just got to make it happen.

BRO – On the road fitness strategy?

BB – I’m probably the worst person to chat about fitness on the road, but I guess I do yoga sometimes. I also like to take a walk everyday. But I’m not training for a marathon or anything.

BRO – Last great book you read on the road?

BB – I’m reading a book called Outlaws Incorporated right now and it’s really great. Before that, I read all of the Game of Thrones books. Also really great, and, yeah, I read the books.

BRO – Most interesting item ever thrown on stage?

BB – A Nerf dart shot by our friend, Alex Gower, that hit Rob, our bass player, in the face. Rob was really mad, and I thought it was hilarious, but – seriously – don’t ever do that. You might get thrown out of the show and probably banned for life.

There you have it, friends. If you are heading out to this weekend’s Papadosio show at Pisgah Brewing Company, leave the Nerf guns at home!

Trai Mix would love to give you and a friend to go and check out the band’s hometown show for FREE!! Take a shot at the trivia question below. A winner of two passes to the show will be chosen from all correct answers received by noon on Friday, May 31st.

If you can’t make it this weekend, be sure to surf over to the band’s website for more information on their current tour and when you can catch them next.

Trivia Question . . . Snozzberries gained notoriety in what famous Roald Dahl children’s novel?

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