Trail Mix: Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

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I love a preacher who cusses.

Seriously padre. Don’t stand on ceremony, your holiness. Though a man of the cloth you may be, loosen up that clerical collar. Give in to temptation. Don’t be afraid of going R rated from time to time.

Thus, my respect for Reverend Peyton. I am not sure to which denomination he belongs, but – as evidenced by the name of his band – it certainly isn’t one that prevents its clergy from using a little blue language.

As the name suggests, and the music reaffirms, Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band is a band of the people. Hailing from Brown County, Indiana, and steeped in acoustic blues, it isn’t hard to feel the red dirt of Mississippi, the rolling hills of the North Carolina piedmont, or the dusty wind of the midwest in their songs. Each track is hard work and grit, honesty and busted knuckles, all songs to be sung by blue collar folks not afraid to get a little dirty and drop a curse word from time to time.

I recently caught up with Reverend Peyton to chat about the new record, vinyl, and the great outdoors. This week’s blog post also offers up the premiere of “What You Did To The Boy Ain’t Right,” a brand new track off of Front Porch Sessions, the band’s new record.

BRO – When’s the last time you sat in on a really good front porch pickin’ party?

RP – This happens all the time here in Brown County. There’s so many pickin’ parties around here. It’s so deeply ingrained in the culture of these hills. We have them weekly, bi-weekly . . . even more if we want!

BRO – I am guessing you dig vinyl. Ever have an “Oh, shit!!” moment when you discover a record you have been searching for?

RP – I have moments like that all the time. We are always going through bins of vinyl at record shops and antique malls. I spent hours over the weekend combing through vinyl and 78 records. Took home some cool 45s. I love finding interesting records to listen to. There is something special about listening to a spinning record. It’s why we always master our records for vinyl, to, so that vinyl experience is maximized.

BRO – Who is the patron saint of the blues?

RP – That would have to be Charley Patton, the first real star of blues music.

BRO – Describe a good day in the outdoors.

RP – I love the outdoors so much. Most of my perfect days outside begin or end with fishing. I just love the excitement of it. We also hunt mushrooms, camp, hike, you name it. Yesterday, we were following creek beds, deep in hollers, looking for arrowheads. Any day outside is a great day for sure.

BRO – We are featuring “What You Did To The Boy Ain’t Right” on this month’s Trail Mix. Was that boy ever you?

RP – Hah! You aren’t the first person to ask! That boy is me, you, everybody. At least from time to time.

Trail Mix is excited to be premiering “What You Did To The Boy Ain’t Right” right here on this week’s blog. Sure, it’s been on the mix for a couple days, but consider that more of a soft opening. Right here is the real thing! Right off the brand new record, Front Porch Sessions, Trail Mix is happy to bring to you the premiere of “What You Did To The Boy Ain’t Right”!

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band will be bringing tunes from the new record right to the people, for free, over the next week or so. Free in store performances at record shops throughout Indiana, Ohio, Missiouri, and Tennessee start this weekend. For more information on these stops, along with other cities and stages the band will be hitting, and how you can grab the new record, please check out the band’s website.

Be sure to listen to “What You Did To The Boy Ain’t Right,” along with brand new tunes from artists like Ha Ha Tonka, Natalie Cressman, Curse of Luno, Guy Clark, and many more on this month’s Trail Mix.

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