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Considering Charleston, South Carolina’s, role as a significant center of trade throughout our country’s history, it should be no surprise that Justin Osborne – founding member of Susto – returned from Cuba, which he visited to study anthropology, with a cache of musical influences.

Two years later, Osborne was performing solo around Charleston, and by late summer he had a band christened after a curious malady common in Caribbean countries (more on that below!!).

Osborne and his comrades in Susto have been touring steadily since 2014 and have spent time on the road with, among others, Band of Horses, Shovels & Rope, Futurebirds, and Heartless Bastards, and the band made their Stagecoach Festival debut in April.

Later this year, the band will release their second long player, & I’M Fine Today.

Susto will be rolling into Asheville tomorrow night as part of their current headlining tour.

I recently caught up with Justin Osborne to chat about life on the road.

BRO – Must have item in the green room?

JO – Water and fruit.

BRO – Festival that you have played as a band that you enjoyed as a fan?

JO- Stagecoach Festival. John Fogerty was a highlight!

BRO – In the van . . . iPod? NPR? Radio?

JO – All three. A good mix helps promote sanity.

BRO – On the road fitness strategy?

JO – We all try to run and work out in the mornings and we do whole band push up sessions when we stop for gas. It helps keep us limber.

BRO – What one item can you not hit the road without?

JO – Headphones. Sometimes, it’s the only way to find some sort of alone time in the van.

BRO – Best sign, when you walk into a room for the first time, that it’s going to be a good night?

JO – When the room has nice sound people and staff. We can play for nobody sometimes, but if the staff likes us, then it was a good night.

BRO – One thing you never want to hear the sound technician say?

JO – “Oh shit.”

BRO – Stage you haven’t yet played but want to?

– The 9:30 Club in D.C.

BRO – Best way to pass the time in the van?

JO – Q & A interviews.

BRO – In five words or less . . . . “When the show is over, I just want to  . . .”

JO –  . . . have a drink!

BRO – Favorite place to stop off when you visit Asheville?

JO – We always try to pop into one of the many great local restaurants, like Isis, on days when we are eating like omnivores. We’ll also hit Rosetta’s Kitchen for vegan food.

Susto will be performing at Tiger Mountain in Asheville tomorrow night before heading home to Charleston on Friday and then Charlotte on Saturday. We’d like to give you and a buddy the chance to check out tomorrow night’s show. Take a shot at the trivia question below and get your answer in ASAP to A winner of two passes to the show will be chosen from all correct responses received by 10:00 A.M. tomorrow!

Good luck!!

Question . . . . If you happen to be in Latin America, and you happen to be stricken with susto, which of the following might be one of your symptoms?
A.  sudden deafness
B.  increased libido
C.  a sense of panic
D.  chronic hiccuping

If you want to learn more about the band, their upcoming record, or where you can find them on a nearby stage, cruise on over to the band’s website.

For a taste of what is to come on the new record, be sure to check out “Cosmic Cowboy” on this month’s Trail Mix.

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