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Another year of Trail Mix has come and gone.

I’ve lost count as to how long we have been doing this, but I think we are just about at year ten. This year was as good, if not better, than any of them. Twelve incredible collections of music, some 250 artists and songs, all brought to you by the generosity of the folks making the music.

This last blog post of 2018 showcases Tulsa, Okalahoma, roots rockers Wilderado. The band, whose previous recorded work has garnered international praise, took an unusual turn in recording and releasing their latest EP, choosing to return to the songs on Favors, a collection of songs released earlier this year, to reinterpret and record them acoustically.

While the original edition is rich with slick studio production, nothing gets lost on the bare bones, acoustic approach to the songs on Favors. The ethereal harmonies remain, and there is a hypnotism in the reduction of each song down to its acoustic core.

I recently caught up with singer/guitarist Max Rainer to chat about resolutions, revisiting these songs on the new EP, and Christmas gifts that make your mama cry.

BRO – What provided the impetus to return to these songs and record them acoustically?

MR – We started playing on Triple A radio with this song. They like to have you come in and do live sessions. Usually they’re early in the morning and in small rooms, so we decided to try and play the songs in a way that better for the atmosphere. I believe we did “Siren” first, then adapted the others. It was honestly some of the most fun writing I’ve ever done. We all have a soft spot for the pretty stuff.

BRO – You and the band have three EPs behind you now. Plans for a long player in the works?

MR – We do have plans for an LP. More than anything, and with today’s streaming format, we focus on writing and releasing music.

BRO – Best Christmas gift you ever gave?

MR – I had a good streak going of making my mom cry with my Christmas gifts to her. I can’t really remember what they were, but I remember the requirement being the gifts should make her emotional. One was a small clay rabbit, if that gives you any insight into the situation.

BRO – We are featuring “Sorrow” on this month’s Trail Mix. What’s the story behind the song?

MR – More than anything, “Sorrow” is about getting to know the other side of joy, its opposite. The other bits are about not letting moments of sadness define you, while accepting the fact that they will come and go. Who cares? Sit through it and look around, ya know?

BRO – 2019 is upon us Got a resolution for the new year?

MR – We really want to feel like we got better at writing and performing. I would love to have a rockin’ six pack, too. And whiter teeth. Way more hair and a defined jaw line.

Wilderado’s tour schedule is pretty quiet until March, when they hit the road for a whole bunch of dates across the country supporting Mt. Joy. Fans in the Southeast who want to see the band need to put Shaky Knees Music Festival on the calendar, as Wilderado will be hitting that Atlanta festie in early May.

For more information on Wilderado, when the band will hit a stage near you, or how you can grab a copy of the new EP, please check out the band’s website.

And be sure to check out “Sorrow,” along with tracks from The Travoltas, Ryley Walker, Trapper Schoepp, and many more on this month’s Trail Mix.

Tune back in soon for the first Trail Mix of 2019!

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