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Woody Pines returns with a brand new collection of vintage ragtime Americana.

I first came across Woody Pines a number of years ago when I had what I believed to be a killer idea for a story. Myspace had reached its popularity zenith and I had come to realize that this whole social networking thing was a fantastic way to discover new bands.

My idea? A story on bands that I discovered by hopscotching across Myspace, checking out friends of bands that I got turned on to just by clicking on their profiles.

Sadly, the story didn’t get picked up and I have forgotten virtually all of the bands I was going to write about, save one.

Woody Pines.

Since reaching out to Woody about that piece, I have been a big fan and have been fortunate to see him live many times and feature many of his tunes on Trail Mix. His jump blues/viper jazz is a throwback to sound of a bygone era, one of juke joints and speakeasies, and he and his band epitomize a sound representing the perfect blending of the best of American music.

I recently chatted with Woody about his new record and the brand new tune, “Make It To The Woods,” that we are premiering right here on Trail Mix.

BRO – Yours is definitely a vintage sound. What old school musicians do you look to for inspiration?

WP – I love bands like the Memphis Jug Band, Charlie Feathers, Bob Wills, and jazz bands like the Washboard Rhythm Kings and the Harlem Hamfats.

BRO – Are you into vinyl? If so, got a favorite record?

WP – Yeah, I have a small but beloved vinyl collection. I have a lot of my dad’s old Bob Dylan and The Band records, as well as some short run illegally pressed blues collections that I love.

BRO – I know you play a National Estrelita guitar. How is that guitar essential to your sound?

WP – I originally got this guitar for busking, because it cuts through the sound of city buses. The guitar has a great banjoesque sound. Our touring band has two guitars, and the sound of this reso against the sound of the hollow body is just great.

BRO – We are premiering “Make It To The Woods” today on Trail Mix. What is the story behind the song?

WP – This song is a folk song that has taken many meanings over the years. Now, not only does it mean to head out to the old whiskey shack, but it also means to get out of the city and into the country for a good time barn dance.

BRO – Every time I have seen you live, you look quite dapper in your vest, suit, and hat. But let’s be honest . . . wouldn’t you rather be up there in shorts and a tee shirt? Just once?

WP – Hah! I play almost every day in my tee shirt, on my front porch with a cold beer. When we go out of town and perform, we like to put on a show.

For more information on Woody Pines, when he and the band will be taking to a stage near you, or how you can grab a copy of that new record, make sure to point your browser towards his website. Also, be sure to check out “Black Rat” on this month’s Trail Mix.



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