Love Works in Nelson County

You’re cruising down the highway when you see a huge representation of a word on the side of the road. As you approach the questionable sight, you realize the word is “Love.” It’s hard not to slow down and gawk at these unique attractions, and they’ve been popping up all over Virginia. To celebrate the anniversary of “Virginia is for Lovers,” the official state logo chosen in 1969, huge representations of the word, “Love,” have been constructed all over the Old Dominion State. There are over 200 innovative and interesting Love Works signs throughout Virginia, and the constructions showcase the labor of Virginia businesspeople, craftsmen, and creatives throughout the Commonwealth.

The LOVE sign at Veritas

Because of these signs, even a little drive in Virginia is big on experiences. This is especially true in Nelson County. Scenic drives are awe-inspiring in Nelson, year round. The county’s terrain is varied; it features meadows, wetlands, and mountains. These landmarks are all set against Nelson’s big blue skies. Nelson’s verdant valleys slope gently downward from the peaks of the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains. If you’re looking for a scenic trip in Nelson, enjoy the pleasant drive peppered with views of smooth, green mountains. There’s no doubt that the natural beauty of the landscape in Nelson County makes the perfect backdrop for “Love” signs. Business owners have constructed these Love Works signs, adding more interest to the landscape and more “ooohs” and “ahhhs” to your family drive. Don’t forget- the county is an exceptional place to take photographs! Add some Nelson Love Works to your photos this year!

Nelson isn’t a one-stop shop, either. The gorgeous gem of a county offers several Love Works along scenic routes. At Cardinal Point Winery, the famous four-letter word is spelled out in wine barrels, which are intricately cut and split to depict the “L” word. There’s plenty of space for you to take a picture with that special someone… It’s a sure sign of love! The Love Work at Veritas Vineyards is made of thousands of corks and is suspended above the Veritas wine bar, giving the impression that Love is floating. There is so much love to go around; it’s literally in the air at Veritas Vineyard and Winery!

Wild Man Dan’s Beercentric B&B is located along the Nelson 151 trail. The beer enthusiasts at the helm of this unique craft brewery offer classes, tours, and revolving taps. Adding to the experience is a Love Work made out of kegs and scrap wood that features the Wild Man Dan  logo. Have a beer and view the artistry! If you are looking for excitement, you’ll want to take a trip by the Ski Barn at Wintergreen, where Love is spelled out colorfully in ski and snowboard equipment. Don’t worry about the weather, though- the Ski Barn is open for LOVE year-round! Come in and stock up on sporting goods and souvenirs.

If you aren’t getting off the busy, shimmering ribbon of Route 29, don’t worry- you’ll still have a chance to find love in Nelson. Virginia Distillery Company is safely tucked away Route 29’s roar, but their Love Work sign is front and center. It’s impossible to miss it on the side of the highway. The Virginia Distillery Company logo is featured in the work, while barrel staves, along with a barrel head, spell out LOVE. Practice your best famous-person smile and let your navigator snap a picture or two.

The LOVE sign at Virginia Distillery Company

Of course, all of these Love Works make up wonderful photo opportunities, and there’s nothing like checking out the wonder of ingenuity. If you’re looking for a way to end- or start- a romantic evening, these signs can help you say how you feel, and who can think of a cuter place to propose? The signs make for a great road trip scavenger hunt for families as well, and kids with active imaginations will have fun making up stories to go along with the Love Works they see as the car zips through Nelson’s meandering roadways and gorgeous scenery.  

If your summer has you taking a car trip with the family, keep your eyes open and your phone’s camera app open! And don’t forget to think about the future while you check out the Love Works of today. One day, things will get back to normal, and when that happens, the restaurants, museums, and other experiences will still be waiting, both in Nelson County and throughout Virginia. For now, though, take the time to stop and check out the Love whenever you can.

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