Our favorite web videos from around the internet:

The Couch Potato Epic MTB Race

The Couch Potato Epic is 30 miles through Pisgah. Just long enough to be epic, just short enough that…well, it’s right there in the title. Featuring cool ariel shots and sage strategy advice from BRO editor at large Graham Averill (a respectable 61st out of 72 racers).

Green Race 2013

The Green Race is not without controversy, but it looks like one hell of a time.


Going all in on glamping, and I mean ALL IN.

Glamp Out 2013 from caroline fontenot on Vimeo.


This, we’ll call it a “puff piece” since this is family show, on the golden boy of snowboarding should get you jazzed for Olympic coverage. (Ed note: apparently you can’t watch this embed in the U.S., which is totally weird, but you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.)