Clips of the Week: New GoPro, Ditch Kayaking, Fly Fishing the World, Chicken Cam

Our favorite outdoor videos for the week that was:

1. The New GoPro Video

There is a new GoPro camera out. That means there is a new GoPro video.

2. Speaking of GoPro…

…they better watch their back. This could be the next big thing in POV video.

3. Speaking of Animals…

…FISH! OMG! FISH! Bones, Bulls, Tigers, Permits, GTs, Chromes, the works. One of the most epic fly fishing movie trailers. Ever.

Waypoints from Confluence Films – Fly Fishing Film from The Fly Fishing Guide Directory on Vimeo.

4. Speaking of Epic…

…this dude goes HAM on a drainage ditch with his kayak.

5. Speaking of Going Ham…

…this is another Arc’teryx/Duct Tape Then Beer vid to inspire you/make you feel bad about yourself.

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