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Trauma Tuesday: Halloween Scare Edition

For me, breaking down Halloween always comes back to the phases of childhood. Early on, you are all about the candy; maximize speed and efficiency to stockpile as much sugar as possible before mom comes to pick you up, traveling to the posh neighborhoods if necessary. Then, during the tween years, candy takes a back seat to, shall we say, more devious endeavors, whether they be of the TP and egg variety, or of the “take advantage of being alone in the dark on a school night awkward make out” variety. This is when trick or treating becomes less cool, but you still want free candy so you do it anyway. Then comes the lean years when you are too old to trick or treat, but still too young to go full rager without the risk of being grounded for the year. But it finally pays off when you get to the slutty, blowout, scare fest, extravaganza Halloween party phase. This one lasts a while, and it is good. The final phase is the bored parent phase, and it is also good, but for different reasons. This is the phase most of the people in the above video are in, and to which I am currently creeping toward.

One of my favorite parts of getting scare pranks on video is that sometimes the person doing the scaring comes out the worse for wear, either by getting punched in the face or…well, usually getting punched in the face. What does this have to do with the outdoors? You have to be outside to get the candy, right? Or at least be outside long enough to half-french your girlfriend in the bushes.

For a more traditional take on Trauma Tuesday, check out this compilation of urban rail riding bails from We Are 2012’s new movie “Capitals.”

★CAPITALS / BAILS from WEARE2012 on Vimeo.

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