Trauma Tuesday: Tubing Wipeouts

With summer just around the bend (I mean seriously, it’s almost March?!) we decided to take a look at some of the season’s most popular activities. Tubing, a pastime that requires minimal skill but can easily go awry, is a summer staple for many lake-goers. In this week’s Trauma Tuesday, we’ve compiled some of the worst tubing fails on the web. Watch as these kids bounce, flop, and fly through the air after hitting a bad wake. These clips may make you second guess your next turn on a free-floating donut of despair…

First, some guys displaying some serious tubing skills. A few wipeouts included.

Some seriously high-speed tubing fails.

And our personal favorite. We don’t know who this brave soul was who decided to go tubing in floodwater from Hurricane Fay, but you, my friend, are what we like to call “gnarly.”


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