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A Day at a Time

90-Year-Old Hikes A.T. in Every State

Simple Math & The 50-Mile Footrace

When I run and have nothing better to do, I often find myself crunching numbers.

Virginia’s Biggest Solar Energy Producer: Eastern Mennonite University

Virginia’s “Friendly City” is poised to become its Solar City, as Eastern Mennonite University has begun building the state’s largest solar power installation on...

A Better Ethanol

Nation’s first barley ethanol refinery opens in Virginia A barley ethanol refinery on the outskirts of Richmond may soon succeed where corn ethanol has failed:...

Pragmatic or Preposterous? Proposed Coal Gasification Research Facility Ignites Controversy in Shenandoah Valley

Standing before a mostly-full meeting room at the community center, J.C. Powell emphasized the benefits of a clean coal research facility proposed for an...

A Day in the Life of a Snowmaker

It’s a tough job, but the five million people that hit the slopes below the Mason-Dixon every year are saying somebody’s got to do it.