Doug Moss

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Earth Talk: What are dirty fuels?

This week's Earth Talk blog talks dirty fuels and what they mean for our environment.

Earth Talk: The End of Global Warming?

Does this cold winter signal the end of our global warming fears? Doug Moss answers the inquiry in this week's Earth Talk.

Earth Talk: Save the Whales (Again?)

The Navy's deafening sonar testing is killing whales. Can we save marine mammals without jeopardizing national security?

Earth Talk: Protecting Private Land

The issue of how we are protecting private land is a hot topic these days. What can you do to help?

Food Choices Linked to Water Availability

I heard that my food choices can affect the use and therefore availability of fresh water around the world. How so?

The Greening of…McDonald’s?

Has the McDonald’s restaurant chain made significant improvements in recent years with regard to the environment?