Eric Crews

The Franklin Challenge

For most people, a short day hike to one of the many overlooks of the Linville Gorge for a view of the river below is all the challenge they need. But for a small group of avid hikers and backpackers, the Linville Gorge is the perfect place to challenge themselves to go farther, and faster, in one day, than most people prefer to hike in a weekend. They do so by racing from the far southern terminus of the Linville Gorge near Shortoff Mountain to Linville Falls in a 16.7 mile jaunt that has become known as the Franklin Challenge. ...
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Dirty Bird Race Series Returns for 2010

The first race is set for Sunday, June 6, and will take place on the steep and challenging downhill course that made the inaugural Dirty Bird one of the most highly talked about new races in the South. The slightly improved track takes riders through a series of steep berms, rock gardens and big jumps while dropping more than 700 feet in elevation—providing racers with enough gradient to rip it through the boulderfields and big drops that make the course such an exciting event....

Boone’s Underground Bike Polo League

By day, these competitors are bike shop employees, carpenters and business owners, but every Monday night, they shed their professional garb in exchange for a battered bike and mallet while taking part in bike polo matches at Junaluska Park. “It’s all about going out and having fun,” said John Fennell, an employee at Magic Cycles. “We try not to take it too seriously, but,” he said, lingering for a moment, “we definitely play to win.” ...

Eric Crews

Eric Crews is a Boone local who spends most of his free time exploring the beautiful forests of the High Country—documenting the area’s endless climbing, mountain biking, paddling, and hiking for his public television show High Country Adventures.