Jeff Kinney

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Red Wolf in the Crosshairs

Will North Carolina allow the world’s most endangered wolf to go extinct in the wild?

Who Should Pay For Wilderness Rescues?

On a cold winter day in January 2017, a pleasant day hike in the Shining Rock Wilderness area in Haywood County, N.C., turned into a life-threatening ordeal.

Mount Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument Under “Review”

Is Mount Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument on the chopping block?

The Fire Next Time: Will Appalachia See More Arson in 2017?

Drought and arson were responsible for last year’s record-setting wildfires. What should we expect in 2017 and beyond?

Is Appalachia the Next Flint?

Virginia Tech Professor Marc Edwards’ research broke open the Flint water crisis. Here are his thoughts on Appalachia’s water quality.

The Outdoor Candidates

Who fights for your Blue Ridge Backyard? These 10 politicians ARE protecting the places where we play.