Jennifer Pharr Davis

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Honest Truth: Jennifer Pharr Davis Shares Lessons from the Trail

Local hiking legend Jennifer Pharr Davis shares the emotionally hard lessons learned from the trail.

JPD on the MST: Final Lessons and Takeaways

I wanted to hike the Mountains-to-Sea Trail to reclaim something that I lost. Instead, it made me realize everything I had gained.

JPD on the MST: Recognizing a Husband’s Sacrifice

As she endeavors to hike all 1,175 of the Mountains to Sea Trail, her husband Brew is handling the logistics of the hike and caring for the kids in the absence of a home base.

JPD on the MST: 3 Revelations from Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Renowned Western North Carolina Thru-Hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis is in the midst of a Mountains to Sea Trail traverse.

Jennifer Pharr Davis on the Mountains to Sea Trail: 10 Benefits of Hiking on Blacktop

The literal and figurative high points of hiking the Mountains to Sea Trail are all connected by road walks. Hot, asphalt, road walks.

Home Trail Advantage

"In the past two weeks we have covered over 180 miles of the Mountains to Sea Trail. But if we were on any other path, in any other state, I doubt we would have made it this far."