John W Robinson

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Running Roanoke’s Seven Summits: Fun for Fools

Descending the rock-strewn trail from our brief visit to the summit of McAfee's Knob, the light from my headlamp is waning big-time;...

BRO Athletes: John Robinson Takes on the The Old Dominion 100-Miler

I'm running the thirty-eighth edition of the Old Dominion 100-Miler. Held on what's usually "the first truly hot and humid day of the season," the OD100 is the oldest race of its kind in the United States.

BRO Athletes | John Robinson Conquers the Hellgate 100k

Join BRO Athlete John Robinson as he sets out to conquer the Hellgate 100k.

BRO Athletes: Trail Running as Moving Meditation

John Robinson reflects on his personal running journey and the psychological benefits he's derived during a 30-year career.

BRO Athletes: Strung Out on the Highlands Sky 40-Miler

BRO Athlete John Robinson is at it again. This time he takes on the Highlands Sky 40-Miler in the West Virgnia High Country.

BRO Athletes: John Robinson’s Battle with the Holiday Lake 50k

Running a 50 kilometer ultra-marathon is no easy feat. Find out what drove BRO Athlete John Robinson to do just that at Holiday Lake State Park.