Sean Cook

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Dear Doc: Does sushi contain parasites?

Does raw sushi ever contain parasites? The short answer is yes.

Ask the Doc: Burned by Fire?

What happens when your drunk buddy stumbles into the campfire and burns himself?

Ask the Doc: How to Prevent Altitude Sickness

I recently returned from a ski trip to Colorado. The day after we arrived I developed a bad headache. How do I prevent altitude sickness?

Ask the Doc: I Got a Spider Bite. Was it a Brown Recluse?

I was working outside and got a spider bite on my hand. How can I tell if it is poisonous like a Brown Recluse or Black Widow spider?

Ask the Doc: My Grandson Was Bit By A Camper’s Dog. Is There a Threat of Rabies?

My grandson was bit by another camper’s dog last weekend. The bite is only superficial and appears to not be infected. What is the Threat of Rabies?

Ask the Doc: How to Avoid the Stomach Bug on the A.T.

How do I avoid the stomach bug while hiking the Appalachian Trail.