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Cutting the Public Out of Public Lands?

Photo by Steven McBride The Forest Service is proposing to eliminate public comment from most logging projects in...

The Forest Service is attacking the country’s most important conservation law

The Forest Service is proposing to cut the public from public lands.

Don’t Let Them Silence You

A proposed Forest Service rule change will eliminate public comment and transparent scientific review from most forest decisions

Okefenokee Threatened by Mining (Again)

The Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge is the largest wilderness area in the East, and it's the largest blackwater swamp in North America....

Hometown Hero: Charlottesville’s Ben King will compete at 2019 Tour de France

Charlottesville cyclist Ben King is riding in this year’s Tour de France, which begins this Saturday in Brussels, Belgium.

Lanier Lap: 100-Hour Paddle

Josh Forester is attempting a record-setting 400-mile, 100-hour paddle around Georgia’s largest lake Have there ever been similar...