A Push for the Virginia Mountain Bike Trail

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An exciting new movement in the Virginia mountain biking scene is taking place: a push for a north/south continuous mountain bike trail covering the length of the state. The proposed trail would run along the mountainous west of Virginia through the Allegheny and Blue Ridge mountain ranges. A group of riders made the 480 mile ride, connecting major trail systems through George Washington and Thomas Jefferson National Forests. With Harrisonburg’s recent designation as a Bronze-Level IMBA Ride Center, the mountain biking scene in Virginia has never been stronger.

You can read more about the trail designation effort on Shenandoah Mountain Touring’s website.

Check out the video and video description of the Virginia Mountain Bike Trail ride below:

“In the fall of 2011 Cyclists pioneered The Virginia Mountain Bike Trail, an off-road connector route spanning the length of Virginia’s Allegheny & Blue Ridge Mountain Ranges. These riders returned to the commonwealth’s early American frontier, in search of recreational resources. Their purpose was to connect public lands in Virginia’s mountainous border region. The group embarked on a mission with the intent to establish a permanent long distance backcountry trail that rivals the infamous Arizona or Colorado trails. What they discovered was a world class back-country expedition; as they linked 8 major trail systems in the George Washington and Thomas Jefferson National Forests. Their route, consisting of primarily single track trails, covered 480 miles and climbed 65,000 feet over the course of 12 days. Beginning just west of Strasburg, the explorers began their journey on the County Line Trail. They rolled southward along rocky ridgelines, challenging climbs and fast descents and after two full weeks, the riders finished their final descent down the Iron Mountain Trail to Damascus.”

Virginia Mountain Bike Trail from Scott Wootten on Vimeo.

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