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Video: Church Two

Brandon Blakely, Zach Heaton, and Evan Voss are back for round two with “Church Two“, another inspiring take on mountain biking through North Carolina. These three boys first documented their adventures on wheels just about a year ago, sharing their enthusiasm for biking, crisp mountain air, and outdoor appreciation. Now, they tackle the challenges and rewards of following their passions in colder temperatures and under darker skies throughout the winter months.

“We are lucky in North Carolina,” the young riders discover. “The mild temps and lack of substantial snow keep us riding throughout the winter. The rides are shorter, yet essential for maintaining skills from the previous season. Quietly mastering that new cornering technique until the birds start chirping and the flowers start blooming.”

If Jack Frost is putting a damper on your outdoor fun, let Brandon, Zach, and Evan show you how to kick-start your season. With music by Riff Raff, Ryan Taubert, and John Legend, Church Two will help you survive – and maybe even enjoy – your wintery ride.

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