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New Lights for Fall Rides and Runs

The kids are back in school and we are two months beyond the summer solstice, but there is still a lot of adventuring left to do before fall settles into the Blue Ridge. It’s during this time of year that I find myself out on a bike ride or trail run suddenly wondering how it got so dark so early and why I failed to bring along a light. I have been using a new spot light and some nifty light accessories since spring.

Light and Motion GoBe

My new go-to biking, hiking and running light is the Light and Motion GoBe. The GoBe is a serious lighting system for the adventurer looking to invest in a versatile and highly functional lighting system. It is easily mounted to bike handle bars to make night riding a breeze, while also sporting an ergonomic design to make it ideal for use as a flashlight when hiking, running or camping. The GoBe is very durable so that it can handle whatever adventure you take it on, including underwater. It is truly innovative and unique in the world of lighting. The neatest feature of the GoBe is the fact that you can change out the light heads, which remind me of camera lenses, to provide various light outputs (measured in lumens) and different amounts of light focus. Some lenses provide a more focused beam, whereas others provide a wider angle light display. The GoBe is waterproof to 120 meters making it a diver’s friend as well. If you are looking for a light that you can use in all conditions including dirt, mud, rain, fog, dust and at sea, look no further than the GoBe.

MSRP $299

Nite Ize

If you want affordable light options to make you more visible on evening commutes or rides home from your favorite pub, I recommend the Nite Ize L.E.D. series. My two favorite lights are the SlapLit and SpokeLit Disco. The SlapLit is akin to a slap bracelet that lights up red or blinks red and that can be worn around an ankle or wrist.The SlapLit is exceptionally lightweight and easily carried along wherever you may be riding. It can also be used by runners and walkers who want to be more visible to nighttime drivers. If your beach cruiser needs a little flare after dark, pick up a pair of SpokeLit L.E.D. lights for the spokes. The SpokeLit Disco is a unique spoke wheel light that changes color from red to green to blue to purple. It is water resistant and easily mounted on bike spokes for a little bit of extra color.Features

My elementary school-aged neighbors think that it is about the coolest feature they have ever seen on a bike. My favorite Nite Ize light accessory is the Helmet Marker Plus. The best thing about the Helmet Marker Plus is that it easily attaches to a helmet or seat post to provide a rear facing red light that is solid or blinking for added biking safety. No tools required. Finally, for runners and walkers, Nite Ize offers the ShoeLit. I use the ShoeLit along with the SlapLit on early morning runs to make myself more visible to cars. The ShoeLit attaches to shoelaces and comes in four colors (blue, red, pink and green). Find out more at the Nite Ize website.

SlapLit MSRP: $11.99

SpokeLit: $8.99

Helmet Parker Plus: $11.99

ShoeLit: $4.49

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