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Gear for Living Life on the Road

A jeep truck sits on top of a desert canyon with a camping pop-up attached to the roof.

Hit the road and create a mobile camp that makes life in the wild feel a bit like life on your back deck. The following gear will help you make it happen.


Vagabond Lite


A rooftop tent is easier to haul and maintain than a full camper or RV—and it gives you the flexibility to set up camp wherever you please. Simple to set up, this lightweight two-person tent provides a reliable shelter all year long, and the high-density foam mattress provides a plush sleeping surface from which you can open up the skylights and nod off under the stars. Bonus, boot bags help you keep your dirty shoes out of the tent. 


Solo Stove



More compact than other portable pizza ovens, this cooker runs on both propane and wood for those pie connoisseurs who love the taste of smoke. The oven comes complete with a wood-burning assembly and a stone, but the best thing about it for the car-camping foodies among us is that the circular design allows for perfect cooking. Keep a careful eye on your pizza and rotate it via a built-in turning device. 


Wagan Tech 

Lithium Cube 1200


Sure, you want to get away from work and all those devices, but often it’s not possible to go on a road trip without powering up, checking in, and perhaps slipping in a Zoom meeting in the wild. Or maybe those power-needy devices are essential parts of your camp setup. Either way, this sturdy, powerful charging unit with a 1000W inverter and 1166Wh lithium-ion battery can run your laptop or a small fridge, and you can charge it via a solar panel.

$1,099, $1,349 with 100W solar panel;


Megamat Auto


Want to make the back of your vehicle your bed for the night? This monstrous mat is here to help. Designed to fit the back of most mid-size trucks and SUVs, this self-inflating cushion transforms that utility space into a bed for the night with four inches of foam and plenty of insulation. 



Remnant Tote


Stuff all that gear you need for camp into this roomy bag that apparel company Flylow fashions from leftover fabric.



RollR 80


Even when you are based in a big rig, you often need to move your cooler. RovR RollR series has you covered. This massive unit on big burly wheels transports your food and beer to the perfect spot in the woods or on the beach. But the thing that really seals the deal is the extra storage container on top—fill it up with all the other extras you need to bring from your vehicle to that ideal location.





This fire pit on the go is the solution for spots where there are no established fire rings and for helping to prevent wildfires, since it ensures your campfire is contained. The grill on top makes for easy cooking—you can burn wood or charcoal in the stainless steel, portable pit.


Rossmönster Lagom Series

A jeep truck sits on top of a desert canyon with a camping pop-up attached to the roof.
Rossmönster Lagom Series

Ready to make a serious commitment to your camping lifestyle without buying a full rig? This beautifully designed truck topper not only provides sleeping space with 360-degree views, it also allows for access to your truck bed. That’s a huge advantage for those of us who like to haul a lot of gear on road trips and don’t appreciate the limited storage space of the usual camper top. Inside, it’s a dream, with the option to add dimmable LED lighting and Goal Zero power. 

$14,000 base package;

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