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Video Clips of the Week: The Dawn Wall

It’s all over the news, from Rock and Ice to the New York Times – as of January 14, 2015, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson have officially completed their revolutionary free ascent of the Dawn Wall. 3000 feet, 32 pitches (seven of which are designated 5.14, the current highest rating in the climbing world), and 19 days made this trip to the summit the most difficult (and successful) rock climbing feat around the globe.

The process has been years in the making, starting in 2007 when the two first began to outline the idea. This week, take a look at the journey that the Dawn Wall has inspired in Caldwell and Jorgeson. First, Caldwell shares some of his preparations for the Dawn Wall ascent. The second video shows a portion of the video diary that Caldwell and Jorgeson kept during their climb. Finally, learn a bit more about the climb as the third video breaks the Dawn Wall down into some pretty shocking numbers.

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