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What’s Next?

What's Next?The recent opening of the Boulders Area of Crowders State Park has many climbers wondering what other state parks might provide more access to climbers in North Carolina.

The Carolina Climbers Coalition (CCC) has approached park management about climbing at Grandfather Mountain and is currently drafting a comprehensive proposal about climbing opportunities at Grandfather to be considered by the park, which is in the beginning phases of developing a recreational plan.

The CCC is also working closely with the management of Hickory Nut Gorge State Park to secure climbing access to more crags that lie within that park’s new boundaries. Chimney Rock and a number of outlying crags within the state park boundaries offer world class climbing potential that has been virtually untapped.

“The opening of climbing access is a generous privilege,” says Anthony Love, president of the CCC. “One of the important missions of the state park system is to protect sensitive natural resources that make these areas so special. As such, there are a number of parks where climbing will continue to be prohibited.”

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