Fall is the perfect time to challenge the rugged trails of Southern West Virginia.

Great weather and stunning Fall foliage make for perfect trail conditions and unbelievable scenery. Whether you want a relaxing ride or a trail that will push you to your limits, we have it all and it is all closer than you think in Southern West Virginia.

Couple on a hiking daySouthern West Virginia is home to one of the most diverse offerings of trails in the eastern half of the United States. Our trails range from scenic, leisurely rides to trails that will challenge even the strongest riders. Located within 500 miles of 2/3rds of the US population, this is one of the most accessible systems of trails any-where in the country.

Be sure to order your official trail guide from Visit Southern West Virginia. This guide features 18 of the best trails in the region giving a description of the trail, GPS location, difficulty and other pertinent information on each of the 18 trails. The guide will serve as your “bucket list” of the trails that you will have to conquer for yourself.

Babcock with kids, T Perdue

In addition to the 18 featured trails, there are many other great trails throughout the nine counties in Southern West Virginia. Plan your fall getaway to experience as many as you can pack into your trip!

For more information about the trails in Southern West Virginia, go to www.visitwv.com/trails or call 1-800-847-4898.