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What’s in Your Soda?

Dear EarthTalk: I drink diet soda but I’m told it’s bad for me and linked to health problems. Is this true and if so can you suggest any healthier alternatives?

The Beauty of Cross-Training

While laser-focused mentality can come in useful in other aspects of life, it holds no water in athletics.

Easy does it

Two steps forward, one step back. This old saying has much merit in a well-thought training plan for a race. How one achieves the...

Massage for health

If I knew exactly how I am able to recover rather quickly from one race and move onto the next, I would bottle it,...

The Need for Speed: Sprint your way to a faster 5K

Most recreational runners ignore speed training altogether. Instead of sprints, tempo runs, or intervals, we simply run farther, but we might be missing a key element in our training, particularly if we’re interested in setting a personal best.

How To: Finish Any Race

Whether you’re trying to finish your first 5K or slog through an ultramarathon, getting to the finish line can be a challenge.