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Crazes and trends can hit anywhere at any time, but they seem to hit particularly hard and fast in the outdoor industry. Think about neon in the 1980s, baggies in the 1990s, and ultra-light backpacking in the 2000s as just a few recent examples. The most recent trend to sweep the outdoor world has been the rise of minimalism. Of course the ounce counters of the ultra-light backpacking world have been into minimalism before it was cool, but the fad has infiltrated other sections of the industry recently. The most obvious example is of course the barefoot running movement – although the benefits of running in bare feet or shoes that mimic bare feet has been under attack of late – but you can also see it in the rise in popularity of single speed mountain bikes, and of course tenkara fly fishing.

Tenkara style fly fishing – the setup ditches the reel for a fixed line, long rod, and fly – is significantly appealing to the Southern trout angler due to its pack-ability, simplicity and distinct advantages when fishing high, tight mountain streams. The extra long, super sensitive rod gets the fly where it needs to be – and keeps it out of the bushes – with just a flick, and the telescoping rod fits in a backpack for the occasional long hike to the best pools. If you love brook trout fishing and have not tried tenkara, you are missing out. But, you are also in luck.

This weekend is the 3rd annual Tenkara Summit in Harrisonburg, Va. hosted by Tenkara USA and Mossy Creek Fly Fishing. Everything you could possibly want to learn about tenkara style fly fishing will be taught during this two-day summit. Casting, technique, and fly tying clinics will be held, along with free demos and guides on where to fish in Virginia. Whether you are just getting into it or are already deep into the tenkara scene, there will be something for everyone at this event.

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