Bike Virginia | 5 Tips to Prepare you for the 29th Annual Bicycle Touring Event

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If you’ve never taken a multi-day bicycle tour vacation, then 2016 should be your year to give Bike Virginia a try. We are hosting our 29th year of our June bike vacation June 24-29, 2016.

When you strike out with Bike Virginia you get to RIDE, RIDE, RIDE. When else in life to you get to concentrate on doing the thing that makes you feel great, puts a smile on your face and puts the world into perspective? Riding for 6 days is like no other bike experience.

We also offer a weekend package too, 3 days of riding for those who want to give us a try or who have schedules that just don’t allow a 6 day trip right now.


Great Training

Riding for 6 days is great training for any cyclist. Base training that includes an extended period of riding can put you at the top of your game for the remainder of the summer. Using the tour as a 6 day base training program lets you step it up and take riding to an even more enjoyable level whether you want to race, or just want to tackle longer rides, or feel better at the end of a ride.


Change it Up

Get a big change of pace by taking a bike-cation! Admit it, you know it is true. Getting away from the daily grind is just what you need to put things in perspective. A bike vacation puts you in the right kind of action and out of the day to day rat-race. Ride, eat up, drink a cold one, listen to some live music, laugh with friends that love cycling too, sleep like a baby, and do it again.

Meet Riders from Around the World

At our event you get to meet other people that get it. No one there will give you that strange look you get in the office when you talk about your bike like a lovesick puppy. You are not alone, there will be over 1,500 other people at Bike Virginia that share your passion! At our Virginia bike event you can openly love biking with a whole bunch of other people that feel the same love.


Let Us Take Care of The Details

Your job at Bike Virginia is to relax and ride. Enjoy it, don’t worry about the details, our expert team of staff and volunteers take care of the details for routes, food, SAG support, entertainment, camping, hotels, and so much more.


At Bike Virginia we take care of everything you need to have a great vacation where every day you spend with us is a great day on the bike. All you have to do is pick the distance you want for the day from one of premium expertly planned routes. Choose from short to long, rolling to climbing. There’s something for everyone! Just follow signs which point the way to keep you pedaling, smiling, and pedaling some more.

Families Welcome

Bike Virginia offers a host of feature services for families including kids free and a family camping area. Let us help you connect with family and make some great memories to last a lifetime.

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