Have you noticed?

The days are getting longer.

I left work last night after 6pm and it was still light outside.

Weekend before last I was raking a pile of leaves (that should have been raked and composted before the snow started in December) and noticed something bright and glorious emerging from the earth. Weeds.

Then yesterday I was looking at a few of my clay pots and saw tulips emerging from the cold, compact dirt.

All of these signs, light, weeds, buds means only one thing. No, not what you think. They mean Spring is coming.

The joy of living in a Mid-Atlantic State with Seasons is the the complete anticipation and delight that each new Season brings.

What can we do with that extra hour of daylight?

Is it too early to plan our garden?

What about the compost pile – how has it fared through the winter months?

Maybe this year, I will find out what kind of birds are singing out my window and provide an invitation to return with seed.

Spring has so many possibilities. Green. Fresh. New. I want to make sure I am ready for this most majestic season. So, here is my Spring to do list. Yes, I love lists, especially for fun things I don’t want to miss out on:

  • Try to grow vegetables from seed this year — rather than buy seedlings
  • Attempt to plan my hanging baskets, window boxes and pots rather then the buy and plop method of years past
  • Spring Camp out — maybe late April or early May
  • Join a 10k class so I can remind my body what it feels like to be fit and strong (ok, stronger)
  • Research my neighbor birds and provide seed
  • Take my pups on morning walks
  • Research local CSA’s and co-ops for summer vegetables
  • More yoga – more water – more sleep

I am already excited for those nights where open windows mean fresh

cool air in the mornings and each new day brings

blooms of bright color. Oh, and the way your face feels when you inhale the scent of cut grass, mulch or cherry blossoms.

Winter, I have enjoyed your presence. I am grateful for our light snows, the beauty of clear cold nights and any excuse for warm drinks (or red wine) by the fire… but I think its time for you to leave now. I have things to do, plants to grow and warmer brighter days to plan.

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