Go OutsideBeer City Hat Trick

Beer City Hat Trick

For a third year in a row, Asheville has been dubbed Beer City, USA by a very informal but somehow still gratifying online poll. Our tiny city edged out beer-behemoth Portland yet again thanks to the eight breweries within the city limits and almost as many more in outlying communities. Asheville received nearly half of the 14,999 votes cast with San Diego coming in at a distant second, and Portland pulling up third. Rumor has it that Portlanders boycotted the poll after losing last year, much in the same way I tell my wife I let her beat me at tennis after she whoops up on me.

In related news, May 16-22 is American Craft Beer week. But then, if you’re living true, isn’t every week American Craft Beer week?

Go here to see the results. Go here to tell the city of Portland that Asheville rules.


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