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Bigfoot sighting results in Gunfire – “We are Not Believers”

Camper at Mammoth Cave National Park allegedly shoots at Bigfoot

Authorities are investigating a report that a man camping at a backcountry campsite in Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park fired a gun after allegedly seeing Bigfoot. Bowling Green, Kentucky, couple Madelyn Durand and her boyfriend Brad Ginn reported they were camping in a backcountry campsite when a man and his son awakened them around 1 a.m.

The man said that both he and his son had heard strange noises and were going to investigate. About a minute later, a gunshot was fired. The man and his son then returned and told the camper that they shot into the darkness after claiming Bigfoot had emerged from the woods and lunged at him.

The camper and his girlfriend decided to leave the area and report the gunfire.

Park spokeswoman Molly Schroer said in a statement that law enforcement rangers responded to the incident at one of the park’s backcountry campsites early Sunday and that park officials know the identity of the person who allegedly fired a weapon.

According to CNN, no charges have been filed and no sighting of a Bigfoot has been confirmed.

Federal regulations prohibit the discharge of a firearm in the national park. Schroer said that the investigation is ongoing and assures the public that the park is safe to visit and that there has been no confirmation on a Bigfoot sighting.

The couple who reported the incident told CNN the encounter frightened them and they were surprised by how much attention the alleged sighting of a Sasquatch was getting

The couple claims to have heard noises of other campers staying up late around 11 p.m. and thought nothing of it until they woke to a flashlight shining in their tent.

When they came out of their tent they met a man who told them his campsite was destroyed by something and showed them his gun on his hip. The man also told them the area was known for Bigfoot sitings.

“We heard them coming back about 10 minutes later. We heard them yelling ‘I see it!’ Durand told CNN. “We saw the flash from his gun, and he shot maybe 20 yards from the side of our tent into the pitch-black darkness.”

The man with the firearm seemed frightened and claimed that there was an “ape-like animal” or “Bigfoot” coming at him so he fired into the darkness.

According to CNN, when the couple shined their flashlight they saw no animals or creatures of any kind.

“We’re not believers,” Durand said to CNN.

CNN’s Taylor Romine, Joshua Girsky and Dakin Andone contributed to this report.

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