Clips of the Week: Thunder Rock 100, Getting Outside, and VA Bike Camping

Our favorite outdoor videos from around the web for the week that was:

1. Triple Dip on Virginia

This video comes courtesy of BRO reader Trevar who submitted it through our Facebook Page. He combines fly fishing, mountain biking, and camping onto one solid adventure.

2. New 100-Mile Race in Chattanooga

Rock/Creek will bring a new 100-mile footrace to the Chattanooga, Tenn. area in 2014. Apparently, the people have been clamoring for it. Apparently, the people are also crazy. Check out his preview of the new Rock/Creek Thunder Rock 100.

3. Go Outside and Play

This is a cool video from shoe maker Merrell, that uses split screen to show you how outside is more better.

4. O.M.G. FISH!

Ok, this one is slightly random, but the trailer for upcoming fish porn flick 7 degrees south – Alphonse Island is intense. Some of the best fishing action I’ve seen. Don’t watch if you are itching for some exotic salt water fly action because your head might explode just like dude-man’s rod at 1:03 (his reaction is priceless).

7 degrees south – Alphonse Island – official trailer from alphonsefilm on Vimeo.

5. Trolling the Tour

We’ll wrap with this French video of some mountain biking dudes hucking the Tour de France. Pretty cool idea, works to perfection.

Making of du road gap au dessus du Tour de France 2013 from EnchoRage on Vimeo.

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