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When Nicholas Hill began developing the Drink Tanks growler, he set out to change the way that people drink beer.

He noticed glass beer growlers reduced the amount of beer-related waste sent to landfills — but didn’t do much of anything to keep beer fresh. Most glass and steel screw-top growlers were only good for temporary storage, and wouldn’t keep beer fresh for longer than a day or two.Drink_Tanks_Hi_Res02

Nicholas and his father, Dr. Tim Hill, originally envisioned the idea, and although Dr. Hill passed away in 2011, Nicholas continued to develop the product. Drink Tanks was born, and growler history was forever changed.

What makes it unique? The Drink Tanks growler has a double-bail locking system, which seals shut, keeping the freshness inside. Most notably, the patented Keg Cap system turns the growler into a mini keg, which is charged with CO2 to both preserve the carbonation, and to dispense beer through its tap without opening the growler.

The growler’s double wall vacuum-sealed insulation helps keep beer cold and fresh in any conditions. Its design is both rugged and timeless: paying homage to beer steins of old, but with a sleek, contemporary style. Every growler can be custom engraved, making it a phenomenal gift for the craft beer lover in your life.

Drink Tanks headquarters is located in Bend Oregon, in the heart of the Northwest craft beer movement. All assembly, powder coating, and laser engraving is done in-house, providing local jobs, and enabling fast order turnaround even for custom orders. Drink Tanks come with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Drink Tanks growlers can be purchased at, available in a variety of colors. The growler retails for $69, and the Keg Cap Kit can be purchased for $45 more. Custom engraving is available for $35.


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