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Comfortable Swimsuits for Summer

You don’t have to be afraid, so go ahead and ditch those gym shorts you’ve been wearing over your swimsuit. Really, they didn’t look cool in high school, and they definitely don’t look any better now.

Finding a comfortable swimsuit that will keep you covered, stay in place, and won’t look like something your grandmother wore can be tough, but with a little guidance, you’ll be swimming in your success.

We want a bathing suit that will help us do more than increase our risk of cancer: functionality, comfort, support, and something that looks fun and fashionable at the same time. We want to be able to jump in a pool and swim laps, but not have to wear a lap suit to do it. We can (un)cover those another time. We want a suit that will let us play Frisbee on the beach, jump in the waves, wipe out on the wake board with confidence, and lounge on a chair without revealing too much of me.

J.Crew is a great place to start. Their swimwear is not highly technical, but they offer a wide variety of styles and textures. You can choose a print, or mix and match colors. Bigger on top than the bottom (not my problem to say the least)? You can also mix and match sizes. Their suits will go from poolside to lap lane and on to the lounge chair without a fuss. Fabrics dry relatively fast, though their liner tends to collect sand, making them better suited for pool or lakeside use. My favorite detail: the halter top style has a hook in back so it stays put and lays flat—that means no uncomfortable knot in your back.

If you’re looking for something a bit sportier, but still very stylish, head toward Lole. They offer a sturdy suit with fun feminine detail. Suits fit more snugly than J.Crew styles, but are very comfortable. Bottoms offer good coverage, while tops offer support and adjustability. Swimsuits stay comfortable all day, even after repeated trips in and out of the water. My favorite Lole detail: tops offer a thin removable pad in their tops which is great for smoothing out the fit or offering more modesty on a cool day.

Looking for something a little more elegant and less surfer girl? Tommy Bahama offers beautiful swimwear with a flattering fit. The suits fit flawlessly on any figure. Styles vary to offer less or more coverage. Yes, even your grandmother could find one to flatter her style and figure. These suits are well adapted for life in the pool or on the beach. They handle sand and chlorine well. Even after three wipeouts on the wake board everything was still in place. My favorite detail about these: gorgeous tropical prints that offer tradition with a flair. Give them a call, and you’ll find another bonus—even if you can’t make it to the islands, they have stores and restaurants across the country.

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