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Contributor Questions | Best Way to Spend a Snow Day?

Once a month we throw our contributors for a loop with a different question about their lives in the outdoors. This month we asked them describe their ideal snow day in the mountains. Here’s what they had to say.IMG_2349_FIX

Jessica Porter

A snowshoeing day trip in the mountains, followed very closely by red wine and a bowl of chili while snuggling on the couch with my dog.


Will Harlan

Trail running on a snow-dusted trail. I leave the first footprints in freshly fallen snow—and follow the tracks of other animals—amid the utter silence of the forest.


Devon O’Neil

Skiing deep powder, then talking about the deep powder you skied over beers in some natural hot springs.

Chris Gragtmans_FIX

Chris Gragtmans

One of my favorite traditions is to keep an eye on the weather, jump in the car before the snow hits, and preemptively get myself snowed in at a ski hill. This chain of events allowed Tyler Boeing and me to ski 14” of fresh snow at Winterplace last February.


Robert McGee

Brisk morning walk. Oatmeal and port by the fire. Tech-free all day.


Blake DeMaso

Spend the day on the ski slopes followed by a big fire and bourbon.


Jess Daddio

Make a big fire and take a cold dip in the nearest body of water. Bonus points if you have to break the ice before you take the plunge.


Dusty Allison

Thermos of coffee, flask of whiskey, and skiing the trails and bald peaks of the snow-blessed North Carolina-Tennessee state line.

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