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Creeking Skills

Living in the Southeast U.S. is like no other place in this country for kayaking.  First we have warm water.  Most of the country’s creeks flow due to the spring and summer snow melt.  Here in the Southeast we are blessed with rain which allows us to get out on phenomenal creeks, sometimes wearing no warm gear at all.  Second we have great access.  Roads aren’t necessarily a good thing environmentally, but for kayaking they are key to not having to carry your kayak for miles to reach the river.  Finally we have The Green River!  The Green River in Saluda N.C. is so unique because it has a dam above the rivers main gradient.  What this does is provide reliable flows every day that Duke Energy is generating power.  These attributes were all we needed to produce the worlds only creeking instructional.  Here is a little piece from the movies star, Shane Benedict, on boofing.  Outside of a roll the boof is the most important part of any creekers skill set.  Enjoy and if you like the check out for more complete detail.

Shane Benedict explains key techniques to an effective boof.

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