Beautiful topography on the running courses of Frankfort, provide a magnificent backdrop for a race.  Each year more and more races settle on Frankfort for their running event.  At the heart of downtown Frankfort, you will pass museums such as the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History, the Old State Capitol, The Kentucky Military History Museum and Frankfort’s own City Museum.unnamed

Many historic homes will also be found, including Liberty Hall, Orlando Brown House, and the formal gardens of the Liberty Hall Historic Site.   Furthermore, you will follow the wandering walk/bike path from the Ward Oates Amphitheatre to the far side of Buffalo Trace Distillery.  This stunning walk/bike path runs along the gorgeous Kentucky River as it flows right through the downtown area.KY6At this point, you have still not seen all there is to view as you race through our beautiful city.  On the other side of the Kentucky River you will run up the hill with the State Capitol as your focus!  Additionally, you will find more gorgeous historic homes, including the Governor’s Mansion.KY5From the Capitol side of the river you can easily see the steeples of historic churches and on Downtown side you see the dome of the Capitol.  Scenery not only provides a beautiful location, but the hills add an element of physical challenge.  Our race courses are beautiful enough to provide the motivation for the beginners and challenging enough for serious runners.  You will love what we show you as you race.

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