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Hunting Season is here

As I stated in my last post, you need to be aware that the primary hunting season has begun, or is just around the corner, in all of the Blue Ridge states. The season varies from state to state and from region to region within a state, but as a general rule archery and muzzleloading seasons occur before general firearms seasons.

By the time many of you read this post, bear, deer, and turkey season will be in full swing in most of the states and will continue into the first week of the new year. Another turkey season takes place in the spring.

A number of people I have talked with were unaware that hunting is permitted on some national and state park lands, such as Occoneeche, Pocahontas, Fairystone, Grayson Highlands, and Hungry Mother State Parks in Virginia. Hunters are also permitted to use the Appalachian Trail in the national forests and for access to adjacent parcels through some national park lands such as the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Although recent changes to laws in many other states now sanction Sunday hunting, it is still prohibited in most places in Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. However, be aware that it is permitted on private property in several counties in West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and a few other states. Virginia is one of only five states that still ban Sunday hunting statewide (although it looks to be gaining support from legislators).

More information about hunting seasons and safety may be obtained by consulting the main governmental websites of the individual states and then clicking on the link to their respective departments of natural resources or conservation.

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