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Ibex Indie Chase Long Sleeve Jersey

indie chase jersey

As previously discussed in my Ibex El Fito Bib ¾ review, Virginia is not one of those always 70 and sunny states. We have a thing called winter, that brings snow, cold, and if you have the proper gear, winter riding.

The generous individuals at Ibex sent the Indie Chase Long sleeve jersey my way a few weeks ago. Delighted, I quickly set about calling my riding buddies and putting the wheels in motion for some fun rides.

Right away the Indie Chase wins you over, and I’m not just saying that because we share the same name. The jersey is beautiful. I was sent the Neptune edition, which is this amazing blue/turquoise/teal type color with gold accents at the shoulders and wrists. It is such a nice departure from so many of the gaudy jerseys on the market now a days. I am not the only one who feels this way as all my riding buddies were jealous and remarked how sharp it looked.

Looks aren’t everything though, and when it comes to cycling gear it has to perform and perform it did. The fit is well thought out. While it is not skin tight, there is also no extra fabric billowing about. The fit leaves enough room for a base layer, which is nice for those colder rides. The full zip is great for temperature regulation, and frankly I am not sure why all jerseys are not full zip. The gripper helm keeps the jersey where it should and prevents it from riding up.

I wore the Indie Chase on mostly mountain bike rides with one road spin thrown in there as well. On the mountain bike the jersey is comfortable and doesn’t constrict movement when getting rowdy on the trail. On the road bike it was comfortable and worked well with road bike body position. I wore the jersey with and without a base layer. The wool is soft and doesn’t itch or scratch, a critical factor. The jersey keeps you darn warm, and sometimes I had to shuck extra layers on the climbs.

The jersey comes with a $135 price tag, which in my opinion is not bad for such a quality garment. Yes for some that price tag can be a little high, but this is the type of garment you buy and have for many seasons to come. The quality is superb, the wool is soft and durable, and the look and fit is quite sharp.

Bottom Line: There is a reason wool has been used for thousands of years. Stay warm and look classy this year in the Indie Chase jersey.

Watch the Ibex video below about the Indie Chase

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