Instagram Takeover: Roman Rusinov

I met Roman over 10 years ago in Orlando, Florida. Since we first met, he’s always had a camera in his hand. Last year, we reconnected in a little town named Brevard, North Carolina (you’ve probably never heard of it), and we’ve been riding together since. He’s still living in Central Florida but comes up every month to take a break from the humidity to bike WNC’s legendary trails.

During a recent trip to Asheville, I had the chance to sit down with Roman, ask him a couple of questions, and talk him into an Instagram Takeover for Blue Ridge Outdoors.

It’s not everyday you run into someone with a Russian accent in these mountains. Tell us a little about where you’re from and where you live.

My name is Roman Rusinov, I’m an émigré from small town in Siberia—yup, you heard it right. And yes, it gets cold, but not always. Funny enough, I currently reside in Orlando, Fla. which is quite opposite form the place I grew up. From weather to culture, it’s all different.

So you come up here a lot to ride. How did you discover WNC?

My introduction to the Blue Ridge mountains began in North Georgia. Then I visited Boone, NC and eventually made it to the Pisgah National Forest area and Brevard. It wasn’t too long ago either, in 2015. I got hooked right away, and me and my wife have been coming here quite often.

When are you finally going to move up here and leave that humid swamp hole (Florida) behind?

Haha, it’s not all that bad at all. In fact, there are a lot of trails and parks that are very nice. Summers are brutal though—you got that right. But I’m working hard on making something happen. I love to build and make stuff, so the idea of crafting something from scratch or fixing up an ol’ home is in the air. Trying to make it happen sooner rather than later.

Best trail to shoot a view?

All of them really. They all have views. Even if it doesn’t have panoramic mountain ridges, you can find something interesting and unique inside the tree canopy. But if I’d pick one, perhaps the top of Laurel Mountain by the parkway.

Best trail to shoot waterfalls?

I like smaller, tucked-away waterfalls. The one right off Butter Gap is one of my favorites.

Do you think Putin would like to ride horses shirtless out here?

Oh, the stereotypes…I sure hope not.

What are you currently shooting with? Selfie Sticks?

Whatever I have handy. Mostly it’s my iPhone and Fujifilm x-pro 2. Both are pretty light and easy enough to bring on the rides.

Dream place to go shoot?

British Columbia, hands down. There is something special happening over there.

To keep up with Roman, give him a follow on his Instagram. He’s also an extremely talented web and graphic designer.

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