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Ok. That is not true. I am currently in Central Florida where it is above 90, and my glasses fog up when I walk outside. It is not time for fall here.

And I doubt that my Southern Mountain town of Roanoke, Virginia is feeling very cool and crisp today. Afterall, it is mid-August.

So what could I possibly mean when I say it is time for fall? Football? Yes, but not my focus. Back to School? Absolutely, but again, not the reason I am writing. Great sales on grills at your local hardware store? Yes, but again… not why I am blogging.

It is time to plant your fall vegetables. Go get them. Right now. Your onions, broccoli, kale and carrots. Find some winter squash seeds, turnips, whatever will enjoy the ground in October and plant them RIGHT AWAY.

Want to have fresh squash soup this October? Me too.

Want to enjoy crisp potatoes fresh from your yard at Thanksgiving?

Then Plant today. And while you are considering this Fall planting season, I would recommend an indoor herb garden. Basil in September will seem even more precious when the days get shorter and your nights longer.

This will be my first Fall crop and I am thrilled. I will keep you posted as we enjoy watching these colder weather plants reach toward the sun with leafy green arms, and take the warmth of the earth to grow and grow.

It almost sounds fun, doesn’t it? So does Football – and going back to school – and getting a good deal on a grill. But you can’t underestimate the feeling of gratitude you will have in 3 months when your dinner came from your side patio or yard.

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