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Time for the Canoe to Get Back on Top

Let’s face it: the canoe does not get the respect it deserves…especially in the whitewater world.  The kayak boasts of its ease of maneuvering, light weight and cool factor.  How can the old canoe, who’s only claim to fame is the movie ‘Deliverance’, begin to compete?

To a dedicated group of canoeing enthusiasts, the kayak doesn’t hold a candle to what the canoe can offer.  Now myself, having spent over 20 years sitting in the cockpit of a kayak, I was a little hesitant about taking on the project of making a canoeing movie. These concerns were eased by our office mate here, Will Lyons, who let me know just how rad the canoe can be.  A month and plane ticket later to Mexico, I am now a believer.  Seeing guys like Eli Helbert, Jim Coffey and Dooley Tombras style 40 foot tall waterfalls one after another, a new found respect for the canoe has been had.  Not only do I think of the canoe as a performance oriented craft now, but I am blown away by the passions of those who call themselves a canoeist.  Stay tuned to The Canoe Movie Website as we work our way into the mind of the canoeist.

Jim Coffey making it look good.
Dooley Tombras 30 feet off the pool below!
Eli Helbert halfway down a perfect 30 footer.
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