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Making Plans for 2012

If you can believe it, we are already through 7 days of December. I have no idea what happened to the months prior. I think I recall at least two events in November and a weekend or two in October.. but the last two months have flown by. And frankly, I don’t like the speed December is taking at all.

Notwithstanding, the calendar rarely asks my advice on time and so I am painfully aware that in just a minute, Christmas will be over, and people will be buying bubblie drinks and sparklie hats for the New Year.

That means, it is time to make a plan. No, not just me. I always make plans. You are included in this plan making as well

  • Is this going to be the year you finally get back into running?
  • Or the year you share your love of hiking with your kids?
  • Or perhaps the year you take up a new sport like road biking, or trail running.

If you flip the pages of BRO you will see hundreds of ways to spend your New Year. On the slopes. Fishing. Running. Climbing. Some of these sports require years of practice and skill. Most, frankly, do not. You can start tomorrow. Or better yet, pick up where you left off years ago.

Here are some important facts:

SOME KIND OF OUTDOOR or PHYSICAL ACTIVITY makes you happier. Healthier. A better Mom, better parent, better….[INSERT JOB / TITLE / ROLE or NAME HERE].

And you probably already know the activity that makes you the happiest. It is [INSERT ACTIVITY]

And at your best, you lead a balanced life where you have time for your physical and mental health, time with and for family, etc.

At your worst, you cut out all activities that build you up [time with friends, exercise, outdoor activities] etc..

So, what are you planning in 2012 to make it different? Better?

Here are some great suggestions.

SIGN UP FOR A CLASS – NOW. A series of running classes sponsored by my local running store have really been a blessing the last few years. I ran a 1/2 marathon with their help and I promise you it was worth every early morning run and attempt to squeeze in work outs. This has been a pretty busy year for my family personally and professionally and if I hadn’t had this training class, god knows how the stress would have taken its toll.

TEACH A CLASS. Do you just love hiking and want to share this with friends and neighbors? Organize monthly hikes, or volunteer with the local youth club to lead a guided hike. Sharing your love of the outdoors will help create happy healthy people.

SET A GOAL. Not a weight loss goal. Those are ridiculous. Set a milage goal, or trips to the gym in a week goal or something more tangible where the goal itself is to go.. do…

EXPECT SUPPORT. Ask your family, friends, co-workers, to respect honor and help you with this goal. Say, “husband, I know it is asking alot of you, but, I think it will be a great blessing for me personally and emotionally, if I take this 10K class that starts in February at Fleet Feet Sports in Roanoke. Would you help me by making plans to be with the baby saturday mornings for 1-2 hours?”

So I would ask you to the following with the few precious days left in December. Start making your 2012 plan. What will it be?

Yoga class? Cross Country skiing? Fly Fishing? Running? Pick something. Something you were once good at or something you think you could be good at.. AND go do it. What a year of blessings it will be if you take care of yourself, and do something you love.

Merry Christmas Eve


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