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The Missing Link: SALT Talk

The Southern Appalachian Loop Trail (SALT) is one of the most exciting and ambitious new long-distance footpaths in the country.  The 350-mile loop will connect several iconic trails like the A.T., the Art Loeb, and the Mountains-to-Sea Trail with new segments to create a highlight reel of the Blue Ridge. It passes through four states—North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee, and it includes classic Southern Appalachian landmarks like Clingmans Dome, the Chattooga River, Shining Rock, and the waterfalls of DuPont.

Blue Ridge Outdoors’s contributing writer Matt Kirk was the first to hike the entire loop trail in 2012, and last month, he was also the first to write about it (read his BRO exclusive on the SALT Trail here).

This Thursday, Matt will be presenting a SALT Trail Talk to the public at 6 p.m. at 60 Market Street in downtown Asheville. Among the topics he will discuss is The Missing Link, a short section of trail still etween DuPont State Recreation Area and Mountain Bridges Wilderness in South Carolina that is still privately owned and off-limits to hikers. The Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy is working to acquire the final missing segment of the SALT loop, and they can use your help and support. Join Matt this Thursday to learn more.

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