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I left the Blue Ridge Mountains last week to see family in Florida for an extended Thanksgiving visit. When I arrived home today I realized much had happened in my absence. Fall is gone and Winter’s chill has set in. Bare limbs stand tall where bright red leaves were last week. Yellow Mountain across from my home is now light brown, thin but  textured.

At first I was angry to have missed the last few days of fall. Saddened to have lost those precious crisp days where leaves tumble down on your head and shoes as you walk from place to place. But when I entered my home, I realized nothing was lost. I was welcomed home by the rawness of Winter.

Although many fear Winter’s chill, there is much to love about this season.


Red Wine

Hot tea with Honey


Old Movies

I hope our region will get enough snow for a few days off.

And these are just the things to enjoy inside. I have many more plans and hopes for the season, but one in particular. Bundle up and go outside.

While I love being indoors, it is only outside I can enjoy all of Winter’s blessings. I will start tomorrow with an early morning walk with the pups. Maybe I will break out the running gloves for a jog around town. Hopefully, I will be drawn outside and eager to stay. There is much to love about Winter in Virginia, and I am grateful to find new ways to love the season this year as well.

Suggestions? Traditions your family has honored to enjoy the season? Send them my way. And blessings to you all this Winter.

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