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New Adventure Park in Eastern Virginia Gains Approval

A new adventure park is in the works in Chesapeake, Va. In an 8-1 vote, the Chesapeake City Council approved a permit for Osprey Aerial Adventures earlier this month. It’s slated to be built in southern Chesapeake on the east side of Battlefield Boulevard S., between Saint Brides Road and Toll Plaza Road. 

“We have owned this land for over 25 years and waited patiently to improve it,” developer Timothy McEvoy, principal at Seaboard Development Co. in Virginia Beach, said in an email, according to The Virginian-Pilot.

According to the agreement, the park is being modeled after the Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium in Virginia Beach that features a ropes course, ziplining, and multiple nature walks. The agreement also states that the park will utilize existing trees on the site as the base for the ropes course and ziplining structures to be attached. 

Research was conducted by the Army Corps of Engineers to ensure that the wetlands that occupy the entire site will not be harmed by the elevated and accessible boardwalks are also in the plans. The park will also have three yurts to be used for gear rentals, registration, and concessions.  

The park could open as early as 2024 and is planning to be open seven days a week, with peak season running from May to September.

Cover photo by City of Chesapeake

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