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New Year’s Day Hike on C&O Canal Towpath

C&O Canal Towpath Hike

The holidays can mean many things to many people. For some it’s family, for others it’s a time of reflection, but one thing is virtually unavoidable during this time of year: packing on the pounds. Of course, there are fitness freaks out there that can resist the onslaught of cookies, candy canes, and eggnog that tempt us around every corner; who stick to their regimen despite the in-laws visiting – or maybe because of it – the presents that have to be wrapped, and the wassailing that must be done. Leave these people to their devises, they are missing out on the best part of this week. The holiday season is all about gorging yourself right before the end of the year, then resolving to live a healthier life in the next 365 days – or at least 358 or so until the holidays role around again. Well, the binging is over and now it’s time to get back to work. Get started on that New Year’s Resolution by kicking off the year with a gentle 10-mile Rails to Trails hike to ease back into working out, and working off those holiday love handles.

Begin the year on a fitness high note with the Thirty-Ninth Annual New Year’s Day Hike on C&O Canal Towpath in Washington, D.C. This casual hike will get you back into the workout cycle without causing too much physical or psychological damage.

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